Main Solar Thermal Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

The Main Solar Thermal Unvented Hot Water Cylinder is compatible with most solar thermal systems available in the UK, offering low carbon hot water along with all the benefits of the standard Main unvented cylinder.

Unlike some other 'twin coil' systems it has a purpose-designed solar heating coil at its base which ensures maximum heat input and efficiency from the solar source.

The size of cylinder required depends on the number of people in the household and the amount of hot water needed daily for baths, showers etc. Running costs with the Main Solar Unvented Hot Water Cylinder can be as much as 60% lower than traditional systems, dependent on the type of solar system used, location and usage patterns.

  • 190, 210, 250 and 300 litre capacity
  • One year parts and labour warranty*
  • 25 year warranty for the Duplex stainless steel interior*
  • Purpose designed solar heating coil for maximum water heating efficiency from solar source

*Subject to registration