Gas boilers

Main gas boilers are straightforward to install, service and easy to use. And they help you meet all the latest legislation requirements in an energy efficient and affordable way

LA-79 Main Eco Compact Combi

Combi boilers

Combi boilers heat water instantly when the hot water tap is turned on. This means there is no need to store water in a cylinder and no need for a tank in the loft – making them the perfect choice homes where space is at a premium.

Combi Boilers
LA-79 Main Eco Compact System

System boilers

System boilers are perfect for homes with more than one bathroom or with a high demand for hot water. They generate hot water that is stored in an unvented hot water storage cylinder, usually sited in the airing cupboard.

System Boilers
LA-79 Main Eco Compact Heat_NEW

Heat only boilers

The lightweight Main Eco Compact Heat is small enough to fit into a cupboard and is perfect for replacing old, standard efficiency boilers.

Main Eco Combi Heat